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How to clean your MAF sensor.

Author: Bmwlover540i
Date: Sat Mar 31, 2007 2:42 pm

So you want to have about 10 more HP at the wheels? Here is how you do it?
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything ever...!!!

Things you need:
QD Electric Cleaner

Start off by opening the hood and locating the air box.
What is boxed in red is the MAF.

Open the air box so you can see inside and have someone hold the flashlight so you can see the 2 wires in the casing.

Once you see those, take the QD Electric cleaner and spray the heck out of the wires. DO NO TOUCH THE WIRES WITH ANYTHING, EVEN THE STRAW!!!
Also spray the IAT sensor too. The parts where you spray is boxed in red.

Once you are done spraying and everything looks good close the box and secure it with the 2 metal tabs.

Check and make sure the MAF connection on the outside is secure. Double check that everything is closed and close the hood.
Wait about 2 mins for the cleaner to dry and start her up.
I have done this to about 7 peoples cars and everyone has said there was some kind of improvement (MPG to Speed to Pinging to idleing).

Also if you have a K&N or live in a dusty area I would do this every oil change.
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