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MPV Club is the best online resource for Mazda MPV and Mazda5 owners available to date. The web site features tons of valuable technical information, maintenance tips, and of course online forums. The site is constantly growing as is the MPV/Mazda5 owner community. Despite the club's young age, it has proven to be very helpful for all MPV and Mazda5 enthusiasts and future owners alike.

Making sure that the club's web site contains most accurate and up-to-date information requires a lot of time and effort. And we want to make the site even better. With your help.

If you like what you are getting on, if you want more of it, and if you believe that MPV Club is providing a vital service to MPV/Mazda5 enthusiasts, please give us a hand and contribute to this site. No donation is too small. Even $5 will prove immensely helpful toward bringing MPV Club to the next level.

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